I sent out an email awhile ago that asked my newsletter subscribers, “What do you want more of?” and definitely expected them to say, “Free books!” or “Book reviews!” or “Give me all the dragons!”

What did they say instead and knock me off my proverbial feet?

“Glimpses into the life of an author!” and “More about you!”

I chortled. Yeah right, I thought. My life is not that glamorous. I scrub toilets and chase dogs and toddlers. But then I looked through my Instagram account and realized that I don’t really post that much about myself.

Not really.

I mean, not real stuff about me, just about what goes on in my life. (Which is great too!) And if you look at my Instagram account here, you aren’t going to see many selfies or face pictures.

*awkward chuckle*

*clears throat*

So here is my attempt to let you see glimpses into the real life of a Fantasy (and Chick Lit!) author.

8 Weird Things You Never Knew About Me

  1. Curltastic. I’ve had small ringlets like this ever since I can remember. The rest isn’t this cute all the time. TRUST ME. O_O
  2. Vaguebooking. I intentionally don’t post pictures of my son’s full face (or his name for that matter) because I don’t feel it’s my right to put him in the world when he doesn’t know what it means.
  3.  Idaho Girl.  I am literally obsessed with Yukon Gold potatoes. They’re one of my (many) favorite foods. ESPECIALLY with this seasoning. #raisedinIdaho
  4. Grandma’s Girl. I keep this framed picture, taken on my wedding day, right next to my computer monitor to keep my grandma close to me. She was (and probably still is) my biggest fan! She was a serious firecracker.
  5. Bigfoot Believer. Finding Bigfoot is my favorite show. Hands down. Without fail. I genuinely love it. And since we’re talking about Bigfoot, I literally cannot find inspiration without my Yeti cup at my side. #besties #stayscoldforever
  6. DP 10 and DCP. If you’ve ever looked at my Facebook profile, you probably know this, but I have an obsession with Dr. Pepper Ten. Since I can’t find it in any local stores, I’m switching back to Diet Cherry Pepsis. Also a requirement for working. #justsayin

  7. Cheap. These glasses have been repaired by duct tape for well over a year now. I don’t see any problem with it. Just like my hiking boots that are tearing at the seams and are 12 years old. They’re fine.
  8. Not the selfie queen. I took this picture like weeks and weeks ago and still haven’t held the giveaway for this t-shirt and I can’t remember why. Also, I took at least 25 pictures to get one right. Literally, you guys. Literally 25. How hard can selfies be anyway? There. Now you have a selfie of me!7 Weird Things You Never Knew About Me.

    This is definitely not all about me! I want to hear five things about you that not everyone knows!

    Shoot me an email, a tweet, or leave yours in the comments!