About Me

I am a creator of worlds, destroyer of evil, and a born wordsmith bringing light to the dark night of those that need an escape.

My biography

Magic captivated me the moment I held my first book. I lived many lives as I scoured story after story. Now, I write fantasy books so you can seize the light, hold magic in your fingertips, and forget the shadows of real life to live your wildest adventure.

Relevant awards

Winner of the IAN 2015 Outstanding Fantasy Award, as well as the Wattpad “Best of HQ Love” Watty Awards in 2015. #1 Bestseller in Amazon Fantasy and Kobo Young Adult.

Mission statement

My mission is to write YA fantasy books that empower teenage girls to remember that they are the hero of their own story.

Press features

Katie empowers you to be adventurous, live amongst dragons, and be the hero of your own story.