Meet the Dragons of Letum Wood . . .

Join dragon Servants Sanna and Isadora Spence, the beloved sisterwitches from the Network Series, in Flame. This debut novel in the Dragonmaster Trilogy is a thrilling tale of the bonds of sisterhood, finding your path, and learning to live free.

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What Other YA Fantasy Lovers are Saying . . .

“By golly, this is one of the best books I’ve read about dragons and got me out of a reading slump ASAP!”

—Amazon Customer LG

“The story telling is vibrant, the flora and fauna of Letum Wood is intoxicating, and the characters DO NOT disappoint. I highly recommend Flame and The Network Series. Don’t miss out on an amazing magical land, characters, and author!”

—Amazon Customer AC

“Flame is one of the best books I have ever read. I grew up in love with the Eragon series, and Flame tops Eragon by far! Flame has dragons, magic, strong women, amazing characters, and so many beautiful descriptions that tug at my heart… This book has ALLLLL the amazing things.”

—Amazon Customer J