It’s not news that some people can crank out up to 20 books a year. In fact, it’s considered survival in the Indie Publishing world. I’ve never met anyone that wrote this many books, but I do know. Katy Regnery. This is Katy and she is publishing 13 books this year.
Romance author Katy Regnery
I don’t do a lot of guest posting as a general rule, but when I found her, I couldn’t help myself. When I found out her schedule, I had to ask her more. She graciously agreed to an interview!

Writing Thirteen Books in One Year

From starting the first word to hitting ‘publish’, how long does it take you to finish writing a book?

When I self-publish, it takes 60-90 days for a full-length novel, and 2-4 weeks for a novella, nuts to bolts. When I publish with a traditional small press, it takes anywhere from six months to a year from the first word to publication.

Ok, then let’s talk about your book covers. Do you have more than one designer?

LOL! No! Only one. I have used Kim Killion for every single cover, with the exception of The Wedding Date, my Kindle Worlds novella. When I ask Kim to do my covers, I send her the purchased art work and a complete Powerpoint or Paint mock-up of the cover right down to colors and suggested fonts. She puts it together and polishes it for me. My covers take 24-48 hours on average to complete. Katie says: Oh, so you’re, like, organized and stuff. MAKES SENSE.

That’s a pretty intense rate of book release. How long do you plan on keeping this pace going?

I have no idea. I guess for as long as possible, though it’s been an enormous amount of single-minded dedication and huge amounts of work. I guess I’d like to slow down a little and maybe publish 6-8 books next year. Katie says: Right, like the rest of us humans. I’d be entirely happy with 3. The problem is, when I’m in the middle of a story, I’m very driven and compulsive about finishing it, so I write very fast…plus, I feel very lost without a project. That combination equals a lot of books!

Your recent release of The Vixen and the Vet hit #1 on the Amazon charts. (I read it, BTW. Lurved it.) Describe that feeling in 12 words.

It’s not as euphoric as you’d think because it’s still very fleeting. <— impressive 12 words.

Book covers and accolades aside, have you paid for the braces of your editor’s children?

Katie, you are a riot. Prolific writing unfortunately doesn’t equal prolific sales, but I’m working on that. By now, I *might* have paid for a Fluoride treatment. LOL!

Outline a typical Katy Regnery day for me.

Okay…a “typical” weekday…
7:20am Woken up by my daughter to do her hair for school, followed by kisses good-bye to both kids (my awesome co-parent of a husband handles daily breakfast and bus!), then back to sleep
9:00am Wake up, maybe get dressed, make coffee, eat something, head back to my home office
9-11am Social media interaction, business, marketing, giveaways, reviewing ratings and reviews; if SM is quiet, I’ll start Writing Time early
11-4pm Writing time (2 hours – review last night’s writing, 2 hours – write fresh words, 1 hour – lunch and #LunchtimeLiveWithKaty)
4:00pm The bus comes home: “Mom” time begins
4-7pm Take my kids to their activities, help with homework, do the laundry, grocery shopping, MD appointments and errands, make dinner for my children, talk to them about what’s going on in their lives, help with baths and bedtime
7-8pm Writing time (quick review/edit of whatever I wrote from 2-4pm)
8-9pm  Dinner with my husband
9-9:30pm Social media interaction, quick review of all book sales for the day; check e-mail for other sales, marketing and business that can’t wait until morning
9:30-1am Writing time (I re-review last night and today’s writing and add fresh words. This is my most productive time…I’ve been known to hammer out 10K in these 3-4 hours.)

1:00 am Shower and bed

Advice for authors who can’t write 13 books a year but still want to be successful, myself included.

Writing 13 books a year isn’t typical, it’s nuts.

Figure out what your heart wants to say and be true to your voice. Whether it takes 23 days or 23 months or 23 years to write the book of your heart, that’s the book you’ve got to write, how long it takes is irrelevant. Readers will only respond to your writing if they’re reading little glimpses of your soul.  That said, Bella Andre once told me: “WRITE MORE BOOKS. It’s the only road to success.” Obviously I take her advice very literally! LOL!

Bottom line: Katy Regnery literally writes her brains out.

Thoughts, guys? How many books per year do you have a goal of putting out?

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Twitter- @katyregnery
Amazon – You can find a list of her works here because there’s many. But seriously grab See Jane Fall. <— obsessed. Be warned: Regnery’s work are full of romance and steam. Some steam the house up more than others.