I’ll Take the Royalty Check Now, Please


First royalty check.

Early retirement, here I come.


My First Royalties Check

Earning money from writing is pretty exciting, right? Yeah. Sure. I’m going to go buy a cup of chai now.

Forgive my lack-of-blogging. Not that you noticed, right? I get it. No hard feelings, bro. Miss Mabel’s School for Girls, that fickle brain child of mine, is in final edits with my editor, Catherine.

Which means I have a book to format, fonts to attempt, proofs to order, a website to finish, a cover to finalize, a party to plan (I’m not sure what for, but it seems right), and a 13.1 mile trail run in three weeks. I’ve also been playing on Pinterest in the name of marketing Miss Mabel’s.

Best. Idea. Ever.

At any rate, if you want some good promotion and exposure, check out Kristy’s author profiles here. She’s taking new people, and it’s always fun to answer her questionnaire! She’s also got her new book, Jaded, out on amazon.

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Courtesy via amazon, obviously.

How ’bout that cover, huh? Swoon. I’ve read it, and it’s epic. Makes me want purple eyes.


I’ll be back in full blogging strength . . . sometime. Maybe for a cover reveal.


I’m out.



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      So I actually set up an account with Pinterest just for my book. I’ve set up boards that apply to different parts of Miss Mabel’s School for Girls. For example, I’ve got a board for my MC named ‘Bianca’ and I pin stuff to that that Bianca would wear, or things she likes, etc. I have one for the school, one for magic, etc. You should go check it out!

      The website for the book, http://www.missmabels.com has the link to the Pinterest boards. So when the book releases and I have a bunch of swag to give away, I’ll advertise it through that Pinterest account as well. I’ll let you know if I think it’s worth it, but I have high hopes. Pinterest is very visual, and sometimes seeing things that you’re reading, or have read, helps readers to connect a bit more. At least, it does for me!

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    EEEEEP! Very exciting, Katie!! Can’t wait to see the cover you went with. I have a Pinterest board for my novel, too. It’s a “secret” board right now, but it’ll be ready when I need it. Over the months, you’ve had so many great referrals and much needed advice. I’ll be using them in the following months fer sher.

    Best of luck, chica!

    • says

      Are you going release a book soon?! You better let me know asap. I’ll be all over marketing that baby! I know it’s going to be great because your blog kills me!

      • says

        p.s. I’m always up for an author interview/book promotion on my blog. That is, if you’re not too busy with them already! Just throwing the offer out there. You know where to find me. :)

  2. says

    Six bucks is six bucks, and I love chai, so yay! Congrats on nearing the finish line for your book. Very exciting! Your website looks good so far, but now you’ve gotten my hopes up that that’s the cover you’re going with. :) And trail running sounds fun. I haven’t been running this winter in favor for long walks, but now I miss it! I’m looking forward to starting again, once I kick this pesky cough.

    Good luck with everything! :)

    • says

      Sara, I just put up the MMSFG website and I used one of the themes just like yours. I’m assuming you got it from Elegant Themes? Anyway, I got mine from there and ADORE it. It’s not the same as yours, but it’s lovely as well.

      One day, when we are in the same country, I think we should get chai together.

      • says

        Ooh the website looks great! Yep, I use Elegant Themes. They have a lot of really great layouts. And so, does that mean that’s the cover you’re going with? If so, I’m now super excited!

        And it’s a chai date! You know, when the planets align and we’re actually in the same vicinity as each other. :)

  3. says

    Exciting stuff! Is that the cover you chose, the one on the website? It looks FANTASTIC!

    You know, I never thought of using Pinterest in that way. In fact, I had given up using Pinterest for book promos. What a great idea! (Totally copying, if you don’t mind :-D)

    Countdown to nail biting in 10, 9, 8….

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    Good for you! Lots of exciting projects here. I’m curious about Pinterest, which I find more useful for illustrators and picture books writers than for other writers. Am I wrong? Any thoughts about it, anyone who is a Pinterest pro?

    • says

      I’m actually banking on the visual aspect of Pinterest to help me out.

      So I’m scrounging for pins (and finding many) that either inspire me or remind me of parts of my book, and I’m putting them under an account just for my book, so that the readers can see some of how I picture it, or how things run in that world.

      I’m hoping it works out, and I think it will!

    • says

      Aw, thanks Claire!

      It’s going to be fun to get it out! Let me know if you want an ARC. I’m looking for people to do reviews on it the day it releases.

    • says

      Whatever. You wrote the best-est story ever. Don’t worry! I’m going to throw a review up on Amazon soon! I just want to buy it and read through it again to refresh my memory!

  5. says

    Good luck with that 13.1 mile run! Yeesh! There’s no way I could ever finish that! I still have bad memories of collapsing at the end my high school 400m race lol :)

  6. says

    Congratulations on receiving your first royalties. It must have been really exciting and such a rewarding feeling. You must be so excited to have your book at the final stages. Wishing you all the best.

    • says

      Thanks Murees! It was more of a surprise than anything because I thought it was for charity. It was, but I didn’t expect to get royalties out of it. At any rate, I bought half a poetry book with it!

  7. says

    Hey, I noticed you were gone, but actually WP has also stopped sending me notifications of your posts. Sigh. I am SO excited for you! I’m really looking forward to your book launch and seeing some swag 😉

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