The topic of Manifesting Abundance came to me a few months ago while listening to the Write Now Podcast with Sarah Rhea Werner. She interviewed the beautiful Honoree Corder, a well known author coach, author, and speaker. During their discussion, Honoree started talking about her relationship with money.

And my brain started to turn.

It’s no secret that being an Indie Author is hard. So is being a parent. Attempting to smash those two worlds together is a bit like trying to fit a square puzzle piece into a triangular hole, am I right?


Manifesting Abundance

For me of the most interesting points of the conversation between Honoree and Sarah were these:

“The belief has been installed  . . . that money is hard to come by, or money doesn’t grow on trees . . .that I had to work hard for money . . . So whenever I spend money I say, ‘Oh, there’s more where that came from.’ And I also say, ‘As soon as money goes out, immediately money comes in.’ . . . And it works!”

'I got rid of the belief that (earning money) was hard, and installed the belief that it was easy.' —Honoree CorderClick To Tweet

At the time I was listening to this (just a few months ago) I’d run into some budgeting issues. I’d already spent, in 3-4 months, over $7,000 in upcoming book releases, editing, formatting, and other overhead for KCW. My bank account was pinching, and I still had to release a cookbook and find money to fund a translation editing project for MMSFG. (More on that later!)

On top of it? We’re moving and husband is switching careers, going back to school, and I’m losing my childcare situation.

So I latched onto this idea that we have power even in these difficult financial situations. That money is more of an energy and a thought than a physical thing to hold. Although not my usual thing, I decided to try it. I started thinking, at random times (but especially while driving or stressing about the financial situation):

Money comes to me. My budget is fine. Somehow, money will find it’s way to my business. 

This sounds so hokey.

But it’s actually so powerful.

Here’s What Happened

Nothing spectacular. But I didn’t expect that.

However, I found another stream of revenue. In fact, a big one. After mulling over these mantras, pondering my situation, and attempting to find solutions, I had an idea. So I contacted a friend and looked into freelancing as an author. (More on this later too!)

I found a project that appealed to me. Then two. Then four.

The people I contacted and started working for chose me over 30+ applicants. More clients came. More jobs came. And suddenly, I had 6 active contracts, and money coming back into my account every week. (I chose to get paid every week to purposefully help cement the idea that money comes to me that Honoree spoke about.) The money wasn’t ridiculously high or ridiculously easy to earn.

But it was there.

My sales didn’t sky rocket. My bank didn’t burst. Enough came in that my projects continued. My company product expansion didn’t have to stop. My husband found a job opportunity we hadn’t anticipated, and another unexpected stream of revenue manifested itself.

It’s Not That Easy.

Manifesting Abundance is more than just a mantra.

It’s hard work.

The universe/God/abundance doesn’t reward the lazy.

In fact, in the podcast Manifesting Abundance with Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen, I had a cementing glimpse into just how much work abundance requires. She speaks of living in poverty in Costa Rica (chosen—she’s a free spirit that way) and how she chose to live a mindset of abundance. She discusses trusting life to take her where she should be. In trust, we remove fear. She worked up to 12-14 hours a day as a waitress and bartender. As she grew in her trust for manifesting her abundance and her yoga practice, so did her money situation.

This is one powerful podcast episode. And a great place to start learning about Manifesting Abundance if you’re not familiar with it.

Money didn’t spill into my life; but opportunities came to me. I work hard at my freelancing to bring that other stream of revenue in, and God/The Universe/Abundance comes to me.

The Power of Your Frame of Mind

I believe that Manifesting Abundance has power.

But I also believe I get in my own way.

Putting energy into manifesting abundance, for me, turns my brain away from fear. It makes me think. It opens my mind and turns me away from stress. I find greater peace, therefore, a greater ability to think. And see. And, honestly, maybe it’s just increased awareness. Maybe all those things would have happened anyway.

But maybe not.

Maybe turning my mind away from fear enabled me to open up my thinking. To actually bring those things to me through sheer belief and power. More opportunities. More time to work. More living in the moment and seeing the details.

Perhaps I just get in my own way a lot less, allowing abundance to come in.

How to Manifest Abundance as an Indie

Manifesting Abundance doesn’t have to apply to money, either. Although, let’s face it, that’s one of the biggest issues indie authors—and parents—but especially Indie author parents face.

Rachel Brathen, and others, have spoken about this kind of cycle to bringing abundance to them.

  1. Ask for what you want to manifest.
  2. Meditate for ideas
  3. Start your plan—even if nothing comes to you. Just start working.
  4. Trust. That a plan will come to you. That abundance will come.

How to Manifest Abundance by @kcrosswriting

Since my experiment went so well, I’ve decided I don’t have to make this power small. So here are other things I plan to manifest that I need as an indie author.

Because I believe that what I need will come to me and I trust life/God/the Universe/Abundance to put me where I need to be.

  • Words
  • Patience with my son
  • Health with my body
  • Time
  • Sleep
  • Knowledge of my profession
  • Subscribers
  • Sales
  • More podcast opportunities

The great thing about manifesting is that it takes very little time from my day and less emotional energy than I expected. It’s something under my power, and that, in itself, is empowering.

What do you need to manifest as an Indie?