Marketing for Authors is here!

Thanks to members of the Indie Author Life Facebook group (which you can join at any time! Just be sure to answer the questions. I don’t approve if there are no answers 🙂 Carissa Magras and I are bringing you the goods on being and author and learning to market. 

Last month, I gathered questions on marketing from Carissa and we recorded a video to answer all of them for you. My conspiring toddler graciously gifted me his illness in the meantime, so please forgive a few nose sniffles. There’s been lots of sore throats, long nights, and vomit. Vomit everywhere. (Not my baby, luckily, but my poor nephew had it bad. Nothing like a houseful of sick kiddos!)

I digress . . . 

Carissa didn’t get to all the questions posted in the group directly, but I think she probably answered them all as she and I dove deeper into discussion on marketing, where to start, what to do, and how to structure yourself. She took me by surprise (and swept me away in the meantime with her awesome content) so I think she’ll maybe do the same for you. 

What she’s bringing to the table here isn’t your run-of-the-mill advice that you’re going to find on Buzzfeed. You probably won’t like it because she’s calling for us to make a mindset shift—but that’s what I know it’s good. 

Watch it. You’ll be so glad you did.


As always, leave any questions in the comments.