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Never Underestimate the Power of Normal Witches.

Fans of the fast-paced YA Fantasy "The Network Series" can't afford to miss this encompassing new collection of short stories that add depth and passion to an already gripping tale.

Have you ever wanted to know Marie and Derek's love story? Why Miss Bernadette teaches the first-years? And where Miss Celia started baking her infamous cinnamon buns?

​Now you can read all those stories and more in this brand new ebook that will have you giggling, crying, and wanting more.

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About the Author: Katie Cross

Katie Cross is here to bring you awesome fantasy stories.

She's self published over ten books, won two awards, and has a thing for sweet potatoes. She loves hiking with her dogs, husband, and toddler. When she's not writing epic stories, she's probably drinking chai. 

Lots of chai.

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