It’s borderline pathetic how much I love food. Cookbooks are my favorite books to browse at the bookstore. Guys, I’ve worked food into my writing brand. #dedication. My Chick Lit series, The Health and Happiness Society revolves around women and their relationships with food. But let’s be honest. I just wanted to write about Arby’s and chicken pad thai.

That’s about it.

Being an indie author is all about trying new things and getting your name seen by new people. And parenthood is all about feeding those demanding, hungry mouths all the time. Add those together and . . .

. . . you get a cookbook.

And a very tired author taking selfies at 11:00 at night because she’s up late working.

#dontjudgeme #storyofmylife

Announcing the Health and Happiness Cookbook!!

Announcing the Health and Happiness Cookbook!!

Announcing the Health and Happiness Cookbook!!

About the Cookbook

Designed by the amazing talented Jenny with Seedlings Design Studio and typeset by Chris Bell with Atthis Arts.

Recipe Design

Announcing the Health and Happiness Cookbook!!

Section Dividers (inspiring quotes sprinkled inside, BTW.)

Announcing the Health and Happiness Cookbook!!

List of expected epicness.

Announcing the Health and Happiness Cookbook!!

Fun and Flirty Recipes with a Twist!

Have you ever contemplated how much you love food? Do you sometimes crave something light and healthy . . . with a little sweet on the side? Then the Health and Happiness Cookbook is just for you!

The origins of the award-winning Chick Lit series, The Health and Happiness Society Series, has serious roots in food. The members of this happiness geared support group take delicious meals very seriously. From beef stew with whole wheat brioche buns, easy-to-make artisan bread, Mom’s comfort food, and crazy milkshakes—donuts included—there’s a little bit of everything inside.

Join the ladies of the Health and Happiness Society in pursuing your life’s passion, and it’s indulgences, through scrumptious food that doesn’t require a culinary degree.

Falling in love with food—and yourself—has never been so delicious.

The Health and Happiness Cookbook releases May 1st—just in time for Mother’s Day.

I paired with talented food and lifestyle blogger Kimberley Copithorne and let her work her magic.

Magic like this: (Check back Friday for the full recipe!)

Oreo Cake from The Health and Happiness Cookbook


Stay tuned for behind-the-scene glimpses of how Kim brainstormed, created, and photographed all the recipes, as well as how to manage a multi-person publishing project without pulling your hair out.

And, of course, MORE FOOD.

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Watch on Friday for the Oreo Cake recipe. Because . . . cake.


Tell me your favorite food in the comments!