The Tale of Bianca Monroe Continues . . .

 Never Underestimate the Power of a Liberated Witch


The High Priest’s Daughter is the third novel in the Network Series. It’s a breathtaking tale about sacrifice, heartbreak, and finding the strength within.

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What Other YA Readers are Saying . . .

“This series is so well written, the characters continue to develop and the storyline moves along consistently. Can’t wait to read the conclusion! Love this heroine, uses her brain and she is physically and emotionally strong!”

—Amazon Customer AC

“I am convinced that Author Cross cannot write a bad book. The adventure, intrigue, magic…and twists just keep getting better. If you’re looking for a series you can’t put down… This is it!”

—Amazon Customer KP

“The network world created by Katie Cross is rich, vivid and real, and filled with people who just happen to be witches. Their stories could be the lives of any group, and leaves you cheering for the just to prevail over the evil.”

—Amazon Customer CG