The Network Series

This compelling seven book series features over 1,700 pages of unexpected magic, enduring friendship, and relentless determination.

"Fierce and Real."

“You won’t regret this purchase.”

“The Network Series is an amazing fantasy read from start to finish.”

The Isadora Interviews: a Novella to the Network Series by Katie Cross. @kcrosswriting #fantasy #novellas
Antebellum Awakening by Katie Cross
The High Priest's Daughter, third book in the Network Series by @kcrosswriting
War of the Networks, the final book in the Network Series by Katie Cross
Short Stories from the Network Series from Katie Cross

About the Author: Katie Cross

Katie Cross is here to bring you awesome fantasy stories.

She's self published over ten books, won two awards, and has a thing for sweet potatoes. She loves hiking with her dogs, husband, and toddler. When she's not writing epic stories, she's probably drinking chai. 

Lots of chai.


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