After my last blog post on Hiring A Virtual Assistant, I contemplated the impression I put out there. A few words come to mind. Utter insanity. Total chaos. Life without stops. While that day happened—as they do—I realized I’ve done a disservice in making it seem like I’m ripping out my hair every day.

I like my hair too much for that.

My motto is transparency, so let’s talk about the other side. The quieter side of Indie Parent Life.

The Other Side of Chaos

It’s true—those days of nonstop pandemonium happen. They just don’t happen all the time. I estimate that I work about 4-8 hours a day between naptime, bedtime, and the occasional (getting rarer) babysitter. When I have a deadline coming up, new ideas spawning, a book release, or a writing conference on the horizon— yep. Those days absolutely happen.

But not every day.

The Gift of Balance in the Chaos

Two days ago, LM and I went on an hour and a half hike. We threw rocks in the stream. Meandered along some paths. Chased the dogs. Climbed benches. Soaked up the Colorado sun. Then LM fell flat on his face and received a superhero scar between his eyes.

Lesson learned: even the best days end in blood.

We went home, I cleaned him up, fixed dinner, we ate as a family. Bob Ross played in the background while Husband put LM to bed and I washed dishes. And sometime around seven, I remembered that I needed to do a little writing so I pounded out a few scenes.

In all, about 5 hours had passed and I hadn’t once thought about work.

Those days are my favorite. For me, they’re actually the most important. My conscious brain says, “Peace. I’m out.” So when I come back to writing, I’m fresh. The ideas flow. My fingers fly. I live in the moment in every possible way.

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It’s a beautiful thing when those days draw out so perfectly. They remind me to keep going when the inevitable poop-explosion-and-toddler-tantrum-days strike.


Truthfully? I don’t live in dream worlds all the time. 5 out of 7 days consist of me playing with LM, running with my dogs, writing during naptime, and watching fail videos with Husband while we connect after dinner.

That’s it. And it’s my imperfect perfection.

I’m still figuring this authoring thing out, guys. Blogging. Balance. Life. How to show who I really am the right way. For awhile I thought about editing down the last post to reflect less psycho-ness. But I won’t. Because that day did happen. Also: I don’t actually know what I’m doing.

You should know that.

Stick around. Maybe we’ll figure it out one day together.


In the meantime, let’s be balanced! Tell me your favorite non-writing activity in the comments. MUAH.