Are You Ready for the End?

Never Underestimate the Power of a Desperate Witch


War of the Networks is the final novel in the Network Series. It’s a gripping tale about compassion, forgiveness, and surviving against the odds.

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What Other YA Fantasy Lovers are Saying . . .

“The best fantasy novels build on essential truths of human nature within the created world. If it is written well, those essential truths then lend believability to magic, dragons, transporting or to whatever the fantastic elements are of the created world. Katie Cross understands that and she writes it very well indeed.”

—Amazon Customer CR

“I loved every bit of this series. I loved that this book jumped right into The action. The ending was very satisfying!”

—Amazon Customer AC

“This is a story about empathy, forgiveness and choosing to rise above darkness rather than be consumed by it, easily as much as it’s a story of good triumphing over evil. War of the Networks is an enthralling finale, and readers could not ask for a more fitting conclusion to the series. And that closing scene! Beautiful!”

—Amazon Customer GS