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Questions I Can Help You answer:

How can I market better?

My situation is this . . . how should I proceed?

​How can I be a parent and self publish successfully?

I feel lost. What do I do now? Is this the right step?

What can I expect from my audiobook?

I don't have any network contacts. How do I find them?

How can I sell more books?

What should my focus be given my situation?

Advertising is so expensive. How can I do it right?

What's next after I release?

Let's chat about you.​

Mentoring sessions

$39 for 30 minutes​

Coaching Calls with Katie Cross

In our chats, we're going to get dirty.

Before our first session, you fill out a form so I can get to know you better before we begin.​

You'll leave with​ an action plan tailored specifically to you and your books, your genre, your budget. We'll set goals together so when we talk next time you have accountability and someone to ask questions.

​ I'd send you chocolate, but there's No WAY I'm giving that up too.

There's more. You also get:

A $25 (CAD) gift card to Ebooks Done Right.

$50 (USD) off any edit with Quill Pen Editorial​.

More about Katie Cross

I firmly believe that not everyone is a good fit with self publishing, and that's okay.

I have over five years of professional writing experience, with more than three years of self published genre fiction. I constantly publish books in multiple genres, manage all my own social media and marketing, attend conferences, kiss my toddler constantly, and I always have chocolate on hand.

When it comes to the highs and lows of self publishing, I got you.​

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Being an Indie is all about freedom and doing your own work. I get it. That's why I started the Secret-Subscriber Library.

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Still need help with the details?

Then let's chat about how we can apply all of this information to you.

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Sabrina RamothAuthor of "Curse of the Bruel Coven"

Katie Cross, was an invaluable resource when it came to successfully publishing my first novel. She held my virtual hand and walked me though the entire process. From connecting me with a team of professionals, to helping me navigate setting up my own LLC. I attribute the over all quality of my self published book to the help of Katie Cross, my own personal cheerleader!

For over three years, Katie Cross has been my go-to girl for all things Indie publishing. Not only is she the first person I go to for questions and advice, she's also the first person I recommend to others. Her knowledge base of the self-publishing industry is massive, but the best thing about Katie is her approachability. She was a newbie once, too, and she makes sure you know that, which does wonders for not leaving the conversation feeling intimidated or overwhelmed. Katie helped me so much when publishing my first novel, I even personally thanked her in my acknowledgments! Summiting the mountain of self-publishing knowledge is an epic feat. Doing it better, easier, and more efficiently with the help of someone who has already been to the top? Priceless.

Beth TelihoAuthor of "The Order of Seven"
Kelsey KeatingAuthor of the Stolen Royals series

"I'll be honest, I wouldn't be a published author if it wasn't for Katie Cross' help. If you need a kick in the rear to get into gear, no one can help set you up for success like Katie. She's organized like a bawse, and she can help you get yourself on track. If ever anyone is interested in Indie publishing, my first tip is to start following Katie's blog and emails, to learn from the best. If you're considering this path, you won't regret it."

While struggling to determine whether I should traditionally publish or consider independent publishing, I was truly fortunate to have struck up a relationship with the extraordinary indie author, Katie Cross. She generously shared everything she had learned on her publishing journey with me. She knew just the right questions to ask to help me make the right decision. Did I want to solely own my rights to the books I wrote? Did I want to exercise complete artistic and creative control of my books, or did I want to face the possibility of rewriting my work based on publishers’ opinions about what was currently selling? Did I want to control my cover designs? Did I want to choose my own editors? Did I want to make a 12.5% royalty for approximately six months while my publisher helped me market my book in that very limited time span, or would I rather have a 70% royalty forever? Did I want to risk my books someday going out of print? Not only is Katie a knowledgable professional, she is an amazing human being who will genuinely have YOUR success and best interest at heart. I promise you will never regret contacting her. She is worth every penny!

L.L. ReynoldsAuthor of "Rafe Ryder and the Well of Wisdom"

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