One of the best things about being an author is the fans.

Book blogger Evan Morgan quickly set himself apart as an uber-fan of the Network Series early in the series, and I’ve loved interacting with him ever since then.

He’s a huge superstar and decided to take all the information I could possibly give him and create the World of Antebellum Wikia page! How amazing is that?

He’s here today to tell you more about it:

Take it away, Evan!

All About Wiki

The internet is a treasure trove of information ranging from history and language to mathematics and science. There is nothing you cannot find on the internet. Now, that includes information about many of your favorite fandoms such as Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Thousands of fans work together in creating what are known as a wiki.

What is a wiki, you may ask? A wiki is a site consisting of information dedicated to one subject. A wiki is editable by anyone who wishes to add or change information.

As of this writing, the wiki for Lord of the Rings (known as The One Wiki to Rule Them All) contains 6,173 pages dedicated the chronicling the lands, peoples, and conflicts of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth; the Star Wars wiki (known as Wookieepedia) contains 135,775 pages consisting of information from a galaxy far, far away—both from the Legends line of books and stories and the official canon as dictated by Lucasfilm.

The Network Series Canon

When I came across Katie’s Network Series by winning copies of the first two books, Miss Mabel’s School for Girls and Antebellum Awakening, it became clear that she had created a world dense with history, lore, and much more. And then came the prequel Mildred’s Resistance, the novella The Isadora Interviews, and then the final two books in the series, The High Priest’s Daughter and War of the Networks.

One might’ve thought that Katie would be done with the world of Antebellum, but that is far from the truth!

Just this past year, Katie released Short Stories from Miss Mabel’s (available only to the Fantasy Lovers Only email list!) and Short Stories from the Network Series. She also announced a new series consisting of half a dozen books exploring characters both known and new—the first two being The Dragonmasters: Part One and The Dragonmasters: Part Two coming out in early 2018.

With these books becoming bigger and taking on more of an epic fantasy vibe, I realized that it may become a bit difficult for readers to keep on top of all the details of the world of Antebellum.

So, I decided to create a wiki called The World of Antebellum.

This site will be a place where fans of Katie’s works can keep track of characters, places, things, creatures, and more. Not only can you look up information about your favorite characters or the rules of the magic system in the series—you can also contribute by creating and expanding articles for others to read!

While the wiki is currently in its young stages, with hard work, the World of Antebellum Wikia will be a must go-to for new and old fans of the series.

Go check it out today!

Be sure to stop by Evan’s book blog for all the latest in awesome books—especially fantasy!