The spellbinding ending has arrived.

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The war of the Networks is nigh.

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What Other YA Fantasy Lovers are Saying . . .

“War of the Networks is an enthralling finale, and readers could not ask for a more fitting conclusion to the series. And that closing scene! Beautiful!”


—Amazon Customer GJ

“The War of the Networks left me completely satisfied, and NOT in a happy-endings-all-around way. Katie Cross has done it yet again, with compelling, developing characters, a fantastic story, and a completely made-up world of Antebellum, that despite all the chaos it is embroiled in, is a place I feel like I love and could totally live in.”


—Amazon Customer AG

“I cried at the end! The author made me feel apart of the book, like I grew with the characters from the very first book! Even though it’s fiction, it felt so real. The love, unity, compassion and forgiveness throughout the book…. I was in awe.”


—Audible Customer NB