10 Tips to Develop your own Writing Routine

Have a spot where you always like to work and make that spot work for you.

I don’t always like to write in the total quiet; sometimes I like to write in the center of everything. So, coffee shops or my kitchen table work some of the time.

Set an alarm or schedule a time every day for when you’re going to write.

For me, as soon as my daughter goes down for a nap, I start writing my books. Maybe it’s every night. Or perhaps it’s just on the weekends at 10AM. You’ve just got to set aside time and make that a priority.

Plan ahead of time what you’re going to be writing.

The most daunting part of writing can be coming up with what you’re going to write about next, but if you end your last session by getting prepared for the next one you do yourself a huge favor. It can help your motivation and inspiration as you settle in to your next session. Sometimes I’ll even start writing the next scene before I finish up one day because I know that if there’s something already on the page when I open up the document the next day (even if I delete it all and start over), at least there’s something to work from.

Bonus tip: For some people, it can be super useful to have a list of what’s going to happen in the next scene available to reference. That goes hand in hand with preparing ahead of time. It can aid foreshadowing, smooth the scene-to-scene flow, and maintain your purpose.

Use a timer.

Either a phone or an online timer and set a time for you to write. Don’t let yourself do anything else during that time.

Epic soundtracks are my favorite.

Non-lyrical music is really good for writing because I don’t get distracted by the words or tugged into singing along. You can actually build what you feel for a scene to the sound of the music. For instance, if you’re writing an adventure/action scene and write to fast paced or tense music it can help get into the mindset. Or if you’re writing a romantic scene, to play flowy music can help, too.

Have a really good writing software.

It can make writing much easier and keep you organized. My favorite is Scrivener, but there are lots of platforms out there.

Make a ritual out of it.

But most importantly: make it a ritual you enjoy. Some people light a candle, others like a cup of coffee, whatever works for you.

Teach yourself to ignore the mess.

Especially moms and busy people. It used to be that I couldn’t write unless the space around me was clean, but over time I’ve trained myself to be able to write in whatever circumstance I’m in. Literally, right now I have clothes and clean diapers on my desk.

Write down ideas as they come to you on a separate piece of paper. Or on your computer in a separate place.

Sometimes when you’re in a great writing flow and are writing swiftly, the scene’s going really well but you have another idea for a different scene, you can just quickly jot down your idea and go back to what you’re doing instead of disrupting your groove to think through that second idea.

Do online writing sprints with other people.

Recently I’ve been getting on Zoom calls with another writer and we’ll set a timer for 20 minutes without stopping, take a 5 minute break, stretch, talk, get a drink, and go back at it for another 20 minutes. That accountability can be really nice.

Share down below in the comments if you have any other writing routine tips that you love!

  • Glee Bohanon
    Posted at 08:38h, 04 October Reply

    I like to leave my writing time with one sentence that leaves an open question that I must answer, or an action just begun that begs me to complete it.

    • Katie Cross
      Posted at 15:29h, 20 October Reply

      That sounds like a great plan!

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