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A Day in My Life

How do you do it? How do you write with small kids around and run a company?

It’s the question I get asked the most, whether it’s a 1:1 conversation with a fan, at a book signing, or interviewed on a podcast. People are naturally curious about their favorite author’s life, and I love it! 

Since you asked, and it’s always a little fun to see how other people live, I’ve mapped out a typical day in the life of Katie Cross for you . . 

. . . starting at the bright hour of 4:15 am. 

4:15 am. I wake up, do a 10 minute meditation, write down 10 positive affirmations about my day, and 10 things I’m grateful for. After that, I have a list / morning routine that I go through for work every day, which includes checking my bank accounts, filling out a spreadsheet around book sales and ads, answer emails, and monitor my business operations on the back end. 

5:00 am. I’m usually done with boring business stuff, and switch to writing. This could be writing the first draft, re-writing other drafts, or brainstorming ideas for my next project. Sometimes, I do writing sprints from 5:30-6:30 with a friend, which just means we sit on a video call and quietly write. (Sounds weird, but it makes me more accountable!

6:30 am. My four year old is usually up by then, so I start lunch, do a quick 15 minute lift (I like to do weights for most of my workouts in the morning), and coordinate getting my son ready for school and my daughter for her babysitter. 

7:45 am. Take my son to the bus stop, then my daughter to my neighbor, where she plays three days a week. 

8:00 am. My butt is back in my chair and I am typing away. Sometimes I do client work (for my other company) or author interviews, social media interaction, coordinate with my production team on book covers or launch plans, etc.

11:00 am. I take a break and go pick up my son, pick up my daughter.

12:00 pm. I put my daughter down for a nap, chat with my son over lunch, help him do his daily chores, read some books, and spend time with him. 

12:30 pm. My son starts his quiet time after preschool in his room (he’s an introvert and it’s where he recharges from a busy morning). I finish up any work I have, whether it’s emails or more writing. 

1:30 pm. I close my computer, pull my son out of quiet time, and my daughter wakes up. 

2:30 pm. I dress up the dogs, throw some shoes on the kiddos, and we go out for our daily hike. In the summer, this could be 2-3 hours (especially if we go to the streams or ponds to play in the water.) In the winter, it’s typically about an hour of hiking. 

4:00 pm. We come home and play games. Marbles, legos, bingo, whatever the kiddos want to do. 

5:30 pm. Start dinner, bathtime, cleaning the house. We eat as a family. In the summer, we’ll play outside again or go for a short walk.

7:00 pm. Bedtime for the kiddos! Work time for mom. I answer emails, do podcast interviews, but typically, I try to write. 

8:00 pm. Bedtime for mom! 

This is a typical weekday for us right now (though of course this changes on a day-to-day basis!)

While writing or being an author may seem very Starbucks glamorous, the truth is that it requires a lot of writing, thinking, and sitting at my computer.

(Which is why it’s great to work in the mountains. I have awesome views!)

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