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 I live to provide escapism, magic, and the courage to live your life so you remember that you are the hero of your own story.

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The High Priestess
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About the Author

If there’s one thing I didn’t want to be known as when I was young, it was a coward.


And boy, was I a coward.


In first grade, I trembled before going to school. Some days, with tears in my eyes, I’d beg my mom to let me stay home. “I’m afraid to leave you,” I’d sob. “What if you don’t come back?”


The second child of a single mom that worked several jobs had reason to fear Mom would leave and not return. What would happen to me if she went? The terror consumed me. Some days, my Mom would send me to school with her favorite necklace. I’d wear it, think of her when I was scared, and swallow back the tears.


Sometimes at school, I’d be afraid of other kids and their cruel words. Afraid I’d be shunned by my best friend, or go home to a permanently empty house. Afraid I wouldn’t be able to manage the next grade.


When fear like that ruled my life, I did one thing: turned to books.


Books swept me away. I dove into them with abandon. All books. Any books. Pictures. Words. You name it, I was drawn to them. In first grade, I’d write stories in my journal on the hardest days, then bury myself in the words.


By second grade, I was tested for my advanced reading skills. My reading comprehension scored at 11th grade—I could read and comprehend the same things as a seventeen-year-old.


Slowly, over time, I found my courage.


(My Mom is still alive and well!)


And most of that courage came from books.


That’s why I write clean YA Fantasy. The kind with dragons, adventure, courage, change, fear, vulnerability, and friendship. The kind that inspires us to remember we’re actually the hero of our own story.


And when things are the scariest, we are the strongest we’ll ever be.


Books changed the world for me when I was a frightened little girl. They took me away, set me in a new place, and showed me other people that were also scared. But they acted anyway.


And so did I.


That’s why I hold books so you can see the light. Live out your most courageous adventure. Slay the bad guys, and ride dragons. Because we all need to remember the most important fact of all:


You are the hero of your own story. And it’s time we owned it.

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