Dragons are Power: An Interview with J.A. Andrews

“Dragons are . . . they’re different.”

JA Andrews is a rockstar author that writes cantakerous, I-will-eat-your-head-off dragons whom I deeply adore. But this ain’t-your-mama’s-normal early morning discussion before we were both truly awake.

This is all about why we really care about dragons.

Why are we drawn to them? Why do we keep creating them as creatures of power and fire?

This short 10 minute video will dive deeper into why.

Get her first book A Threat of Shadows right here, and learn just why she is so obsessed with dragons hers. (It’s so good. So worth it. I would never lead you astray.) Her boxed set has 1,000 five star ratings.

She’s legit.

Click below to watch the 10 minute video and see if you agree with why we are all so obsessed with fantasy.

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