Dragons meet Pride and Prejudice in This YA Fantasy Novel

Heartstone by Elle Katharine White

Elle creates this really fun version of Pride and Prejudice that has dragons and magic. It’s fantastical, but still set in a Jane Austen-esque world!

It’s the magical conventions and culture you want in a YA fantasy mixed with the Pride and Prejudice you know and love.

I loved it SO much.

Not only are there dragons, but there are gryphons. It’s delightful to see those two fantasy elements interact. I’ve alluded to gryphons in my books, the Dragonmaster Trilogy, but I haven’t yet included them.

I highly recommend this novel! And, there are more in this series that come after it, don’t you fret.

The cover is stunning (that dragon though) and the tagline gave me goosebumps.

“All’s fair in love and dragonfire.”

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