Freedom in Production

FREEDOM is about 107,000 words.

Which, for context, is about 20,000 words longer than Miss Mabel’s School For Girls. As a result, the production process for this magical monstrosity was long.

I could not have done it, or brought any of my books into your hands since the beginning, without my editor, Catherine.


Honestly, she might know more about my world than I do.

Catherine is one of the most brilliant, blue-haired, honorary witches I’ve ever met.

Full disclosure: I adore her.

In this video we talk all things editing: line edits, unabashed word slashing, and the things I don’t do all that well (of which there are many).

It’s not yet 9am, I hadn’t had caffeine, and both of us actually put on eyeliner.

Needless to say, it was a wild ride.

Click here to watch Catherine and I giggle our way through this honest conversation about how hard writing can be.


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