What it Means to Create

When I asked Sarah Rhea Werner what it was like to put together a Podcast as amazing as Girl in Space, she told me:

“We’re creatives. We’re going to make stuff, challenge ourselves and have fun doing it.”

And she’s totally right.

It’s amazing to see what creative people can do when they place their hearts into it.

While I love to write, Sarah has found her place as a podcast writer, producer, and creator. #srslytho she is an afficionado.

Her podcast Girl in Space comes across as more of an audio drama. It’s this beautiful extension of writing with the sound effects, voices, and music that readers so often imagine in their heads. She produces the physical atmosphere for her breathtaking sci-fi story all in audio format.


Essentially, as her tagline suggests, Girl in Space is about a girl who meets difficult circumstances head-on and discovers herself (in space).

In writing (and podcasts), as in life, we meet challenges. Sarah’s protagonists experience a lot of them. But what I love about Girl in Space is this:

“When I created the show, I really wanted to create a place that was safe.”

When I need a minute to escape into a fantastic realm, I’m escaping to recenter. To recharge in order to be present or go do the hard thing. To feel warm and good.

This podcast has humor, characters who love each other, and a lovely sense of found family.

So much sci-fi and high fantasy is hard, scary, isolationist, and low on hope. But in stories like mine and Sarah’s we want to give hope, beauty, and goodness.

Click here or hit play below to check out the Youtube Interview video.

We talk about all the fun things about being self-employed creatives as well as the challenges like capturing the imagination of your reader (or listener), NaNoWriMo, and making the hard decisions.

More here about the Girl in Space Podcast.

Comment down below why you escape into fiction (podcasts, books, or otherwise).


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