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From a Lover of Fantasy Books

To protect the person that sent this to me, I’ve altered this email slightly, but only to remove details. I’ve added nothing. 

When I stopped being a nurse and started writing full time, I struggled a lot with feeling like I made a difference in the world. As a nurse, it’s so clear how we help people. Every day, I walked out of my job knowing I impacted someone, even if it was a bad shift. That always felt good. 

As an author, I didn’t see it. 

After working with a mentor and diving into some inner demons I needed to face, I started really respecting the power of story. It literally changes our lives and provides an escape.

That escape? It can also save lives, and I deeply, deeply believe in that.

There have been moments and days when I know I got through whatever I faced because there was a story waiting me. A book I could read. A movie I could watch. Reading is an opportunity to do self-care, restore some energy, and find our courage again. 

Which is why this email struck me so deeply: 

Katie, I have to premise this note with some background.  I have always enjoyed books like yours.  I have enjoyed the Harry Potter series, and the Game of Thrones books (even though they are incomplete).  My wife didn’t read any of them, but she liked the fact that I did.

We were married for almost 42 years, when she passed away on 2/15 of this year.  She fought a brave battle with pancreatic cancer for 16 months, of which I never strayed from her side.  I found your series just after after her funeral, and it has been so very helpful to me to lose myself in Bianca’s story.  I just finished book two, and will start book three tomorrow.

Thank you from this young 63 year old lover of fantasy books.

Sometimes we change lives but we never know it. And if that’s not why we’re here, muddling through his imperfect life, then why be here at all?

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