Make Every Moment Count

Productivity is NOT everything.

In the world today, it seems like everybody is obsessed with checking off their to-do list in a timely fashion so they can play.

And, while that’s important (I have a monster to-do list, always), it isn’t always that pretty.

Making it happen is about flexibility.

Say it with me now: flex – i -bil – i – ty.

Working obsessively toward the light at the end of the tunnel only makes playtime seem so much further away. It’s a total recipe for burnout.

#srslytho, take care of yourself.

What it’s really about, for me, is making every moment count.

That’s what I talked about with the ladies at the Self Publishing Authors in this podcast. They interviewed me about that #writermomlife and how to pay attention to what matters while also being productive.

Sometimes that means the most important thing on my to-do list gets sidelined because a kiddo needs me. Sometimes I squeeze ten meager minutes of writing into the margins. Other times, I go for a much-needed a hike while Husband cooks dinner.

I’ll be the first to admit that making every moment count doesn’t mean I check off all the things.

But I check off the important ones. I make it count.

A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. Ya know?

Comment down below how you make every moment matter.

  • Jenny K Burrow
    Posted at 17:26h, 02 June Reply

    We all are extremely busy during the day that is a given. I am a teacher and artist carrying a double load so to speak so my days are inconceivably chaos. However, the moments I make count every day no matter what else is going on, is reading time as I get into bed, relax, and prepare for the nighttime sleep. I ALWAYS read before I go to sleep. This special time I have connected with stories and their characters through many authors. I must say, after reading the first book in the Network Series, I was hooked. I was gifted with the second book by a friend, and just now ordered the other two on Amazon. I want to know what happens next and cannot wait to continue the adventures each evening when I settle down to read. Thank you Katie Cross for the entertaining and exciting book collection. I am a follower now and will look forward to more editions from you. 🙂

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