Not Your Little Mermaid

Not your Little Mermaid

Is the Little Mermaid really about agency?

“Most fairytales are designed to show how dangerous life can be if you step off the path,” explained Suzanne Frank when we talked over video.

So… no.

Imagine a new kind of fairytale where the mermaid is completely in charge of her own destiny.

J. Suzanne Frank is a brilliant author with an angle on mermaids that I guarantee you have never read before.

Click here to check out this short 15 minute video where Suzanne and I talk about diverse fiction, female agency, and murder-y mermaids in her epic new book When Fire Loves Water.

In part one of a stunning series, Suzanne presents a breathtaking work of science fiction. Seriously… SO GOOD. You can pick up the first three chapters for free on her website here!

I mean look a that gorgeous cover. So delicious I could just eat it up.

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