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Official Pronunciation Guide

This pronunciation guide is here to help answer all of your questions!

If you don’t see a name or word here that you want to know how Katie Cross would say it, leave a question in the comments down below and it’ll be added to the list.

Pronunciation guide for fantasy words:

Alay: Uh-lay

Alkarra: Al-car-ra

Alessio: Uh-less-ee-o

Anguis: Ahn-gwee

Arayana: Ar-ay-ahn-na

Avay: Uh-vay

Bianca: Bee-an-ka

Carcere: Car-sare-ay

Daid: Day-d

Deasylva: Day-uh-syl-va

Graeme: Gray-em

Ilese: ill-ease

Isadora: Iz-a-dor-a

Leda: Lee-duh

Letum Wood: Lee-tum Wood

Mam: Ma’am 

Prana: Prah-na

Rian: Ry-an

Sanna: Sah-nna

Selsay: Sell-say

Talis: Tal-is

Vasily: Vaz-i-lee

How to pronounce accents:

Norther Network: imagine a Scottish burr

Chatham City in the Central Network: a bit rougher, like a Cockney accent

Southern Network: more of a Russian / Slavic guttural sound

Eastern Network: a more soothing, romance language feel

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