Writers and Warriors

Something that I only hint at on social media is that my husband has been in the military. He’s been a firefighter.

Basically, he’s my hero.

And as much as we follow our own paths (me: writer, him: hero), we make it work together. We make our paths converge, even if that means moving around the country.

Very few people realize what being a military spouse means, and how it affects every facet of your life, including being an indie publisher.

For me, it’s meant a wonderful whirlwind.

It’s brought so much texture, color, and verisimilitude to my writing.

But I would be lying if I said it was easy.

For me, there was no other option. Husband, Me, his career, my career, our beautiful kids are all nonnegotiable facets of our path.

In this video interview, Dave and Johnny, from the Self Publishing Podcast, and I talk about my evolution as an indie author and what it’s like to be self published – from my early attempts to the first story I wrote that got over 2 million reads.

But mostly we talk about how Husband (and his heroism) has changed my life, and my writing, for the better.

What is that thing people say?

Nothing good is ever easy.

But, believe me, it’s worth it.

Click here to watch our chat!

Comment down below something hard that’s brought so much light into your life!

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