YA Fantasy books full of magic, determination, and a sixteen-year-old witch that doesn’t wear shoes.

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Lose yourself in the world of Antebellum.

The Network Series

This six book series features unexpected magic, enduring friendship, and relentless determination.


Join Bianca Monroe and her friends as they navigate the treachery of war and the difficulties of growing up together in this clean, gripping YA fantasy series.


Miss Mabel’s School for Girls


Antebellum Awakening 


The High Priests Daughter


War of the Networks


Mildred’s Resistance  


The Isadora Interviews

Dragonmaster Trilogy

Dive deep into the world of the Dragonmasters—where history is rewritten and secrets abound.


Lovers of the Network Series will rejoin sisterwitches Sanna and Isadora in their own adventures of life, love, and finding who they are amidst the winds of change.






Freedom (coming soon)

Antebellum Collection

Coming Soon!


This series features four standalone books taken from the history of the world of Antebellum.


Fans of The Network Series and The Dragonmaster Trilogy can’t miss the next installment in Katie Cross’s beautiful fantasy world.


Meet the Author

I write fantasy books so you can seize the light. Hold magic in your fingertips. Command dragons. Throw yourself at the mercy of an attractive stranger. You’ll forget the shadows of real life to live your wildest adventure.


And remember that you are the hero of your own story.