A Funk, You Say? Liars. All of You.

I heard there’s a post-first-novel-release-funk.

Sure. Right. Whatever.

Like Bigfoot, I’m not sure such a thing exists.


But lately I have been watching an inordinate amount of The Office and going to a local cafe to outline my next 18 or so novels but mostly drinking chai, and also reading. Lots of reading. To the point where I keep getting headaches.

New glasses kind of

Not to mention all the chocolate covered fruit that’s found its way into my life. Thanks Mom!


I did write 5,000 words yesterday, and 3,000 the day before. But I could have done more, if these two pathetic faces hadn’t distracted me.

Vizsla's, sleeping, lovesac

So I went for a few trail runs with them (they were shamelessly begging me) instead of writing the scenes that I outlined. I’ve never outlined before, for the record, but since I’m doing a series, I figured I should probably know what the @#$*!( is going on.

Trail Running

And a few weeks ago I painted myself a pretty little mug.

photo 2-2Post novel release funk, you say?

PFFT. Whatever.

Interrogative: I’m not losing my mind, right?


  1. says

    Do those dogs get cold with skin like that?

    You would think that with your mega book royalties you would get those dogs some clothes?

    Note: I seriously know nothing about dogs. Never owned one. Just curious. :)

    • says

      Dog clothes aren’t cool, Tuan. They are about 50 pounds too big to justify clothes. The big one weighs 60 pounds. Thats my opinion on that.

      For the record- they are SO FREAKING SOFT! I can’t stop petting them.

  2. says

    Here’s my theory (love your adorable mug, btw, and I’m not talking about the cup, although I like that too): Your brain is asking you for time to mull over plots and scenes. You worked really hard on the release of your novel, and now the pressure is on for the second. If you push too hard, your muse will rebel.
    OBEY THE MUSE. Take those doggies running. Eat chocolate. Paint. Whatevah. Don’t write until you can’t keep yourself from the computer.

    Now on to me and my problems, cuz I know that’s all you think about. I have a question. During the editing/rewriting stage, did you ever feel like everything you’ve written is crap? Did you ever get to a point where you read a scene you’ve written, and have no idea if you can trust your instincts anymore? Did you ever doubt your story? Or your writing, to the point of thinking of throwing in the towel?

    I’m drowning. Please throw me a life saver and tell me this is normal.

    • says

      *throws a package of lifesaver candies*

      I actually think I spend more time hating my writing than I do watching the Office. Kind of true story. I go through phases, but there are moments where I’ll look back and the story and think, ‘Uh, who wrote this? How embarrassing. I did.’

      At that point, I also take a break. I think you’re right. Sigh. I’ll just go with the wave and stop feeling guilty 😉

  3. says

    I was the opposite post-novel release. I switched my hat to post-publish marketeer. It took me time to pull that hat off, and place the writing beanie back onto my head.

    More often, I get the post-day-job funk where I don’t want to write after spending a majority of the day not writing. On the occasions I do slap myself around and start writing, then I don’t want to stop. Sleep eventually forces me to take a pit stop. Then, I’ve been up too late that I don’t want to get up early, which is my normal writing time (crazy early in the morning).

    If anyone has suggestions to better snap myself out of post-day-job funk, I’m all ears. Okay. I’m not all ears. That would just be creepy and weird. Plus, all those ears wouldn’t help me read a response.

    • says

      Oooh, I’ve worn that hat before! Sometimes I wear both hats and those are the long days 😉

      Right now I don’t have to contend with much of the post-day job funk, as I’m a nurse and my hours vary from week to week, but I will say I’ve been there, done that, and can understand how hard it is after a full day to put the writing time in. I feel ya, buddy.

  4. says

    Well, I guess you can call these funks normal … I have them, too :-) Especially after periods of intense writing and revision. I just let myself recover through whatever means: too much TV, chocolate, any number of other things. You definitely deserve a bit of break, though. Lots of work and a successful book launch mean Katie needs time to recuperate :-)

    • says

      I’m with you! I wrote yesterday but got some other stuff done as well. I honestly think that creative personalities, at least mine, rocket up and down all the time. High highs, low lows. I’m ALL over the place :)

  5. says

    Naw, no post launch funk. You’ll be back as soon as you finish the chocolate covered fruit and all the reruns of the Office. Of course there is the horrible thought that you might have to launch another book. *gasp* Maybe you need a banana and peanut butter sandwich to go with the chai or maybe get back to writing.

    • says

      You’re right, John. When you’re right, you’re right.

      Book two is coming along beautifully! I’ve got some short stories coming out in about a month, and, sigh, my motivation is slowly returning because I picked my bike up from a tune up and can now go ride around at my own whimsy. :)

  6. Samantha says

    Finally finished my class, half ignored my kids for 3 days, and read your book! Loved it, so get put of your funk so I can put the kiddos in front of the tv, make popcorn for dinner and lock myself in my room again.

  7. says

    Of course you’re not in a funk. You’re too awesome. I would eat that chocolate fruit too, but then again you go running, while i would just go nap. Great for you for getting so much writing done.

    • says

      Aw, I have you fooled 😉 Too awesome for a funk? I actually tend to drive myself into funks because I go 1000% for too long, so it really is probably just my recharging time.

      I’ve tried slowing down, but it’s just not my style. I typically jump in face first. :)

  8. says

    You’re not in a funk. You’re just recharging … or maybe getting a trickle charge? Anyhoo, sounds like you are managing quite well. When in doubt (or funk if you want to call it that), go for a run with the dogs or a bike ride and burn off those chocolate calories 😉

  9. says

    I’m in a funk, but I don’t think releasing my book has anything to do with it. No, it has more to do with me being intimidated by the new story. The honeymoon period of the first draft is over, and now I need to actually make this story readable. I think it might be something of a second-book-funk. Will this story be as good as the first? What if people who liked the first one don’t like this one? Ugh. Maybe I can get my cats to go trail running with me. 😉

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