Short Stories from the Network Series

Never Underestimate the Power of Antebellum Witches

Short Stories from the Network Series from Katie Cross

“Alternately delightful and touching.”

"If you like adventure with a bit of romance. but not gushy, this is it!"

"Katie Cross found a way to make me love her world even more."

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Never Underestimate the Power of Antebellum Witches.

Fans of the YA fantasy series The Network Series can now explore the world of Antebellum with this enthralling new short story collection. The 200 page compilation includes ten never-before-seen adventures gleaned from events throughout The Network Series.

Short Stories from the Network Series offers tales from many beloved characters including: Mildred, Marten, Derek, Angelina, Hazel, Camille, and Merrick.

Immerse yourself in endearing and harrowing moments with the High Priestess Mildred, missions with the secretive Head of Protectors Derek Black, the compelling origin story of Bianca’s fierce and determined trainer Merrick, and the timeless love tale between Camille and Brecken.

Short Stories from the Network Series is a must-buy for fans of Bianca Monroe and the many memorable witches of Antebellum.

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About the Author: Katie Cross

Katie Cross is here to bring you awesome fantasy stories.

She's self published over ten books, won two awards, and has a thing for sweet potatoes. She loves hiking with her dogs, husband, and toddler. When she's not writing epic stories, she's probably drinking chai. 

Lots of chai.

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