Tis Done!

IT’S OVER. *Slumps to the floor face-first*


Miss Mabel’s School for Girls is officially released. The giveaway is done, and I really only pulled out two handfuls of my hair, which, with a mess like mine, isn’t much.

We ranked #43 on Amazon’s historical fantasy.

#2,149 on Amazon’s paperback list.

and #3,100 something for Kindle.

Finally tally: we sold around 275 books over the weekend.

Preeetty awesome, right?

THIS IS JUST ME, GIVING YOU A SHOUTOUT- thanks to all your support, KCrosswritingers (What ARE you guys anyway? As a collective, I mean. I’d call you darlings, but I just don’t like you that much. <– JK. You’ve got my heart.)

Your support was incredible. I had all kinds of people buying copies, volunteering to do reviews, cover reveals, sharing on social media, and bidding to name my first born on ebay. Marie Bailey single-handedly dominated twitter on my behalf. 

At any rate: THANKS GUYS. <— Guys. Maybe that will be your collective. Goonies, anyone?

I’ll be posting a long post on my book release/launch strategy soon, if you want, yes? I’m an open book, guys. I want to share with you. Stay tuned. And buy my book or something.


    • says

      I was as shocked as anyone else. Although, the niche was historical fantasy, not just overall fantasy, so that definitely narrows it a little more. But, all the same- you were part of the reason this rocked it so well. Thank you Tanya!

  1. says

    275 is an amazing opening weekend! I’m so excited for you! Just so you know, I’m leaving your post as the top one on my blog for like the next week. Not only to pressure my readers (haha), but also to make sure it gets seen, and because I’m going out of town so it benefits me as well. Then I’ll come back and do a big post about Round Top. ANYway, your views have been sky high, just not as many comments but that’s expected and typical. The views are what counts and they were near 200 yesterday. YAY.

    • says

      You are so awesome for leaving it on top!

      One thing I’ve always loved about your readers is that they are always follow up- interactive. I’m trying to be more like that, so I’m constantly blog stalking this post. I think half your traffic is just from me. And I just like to look at your flowing blonde locks, obviously.

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      I saw that drawing of your face again yesterday, or something like that, and renewed my crush. F’real. You’re gorgeous, Vanessa. I might take to calling you Nessa, and/or the cat lady 😉

    • says

      Leetah, I think I’m going to start calling you Leda. Ha ha.

      Book two is coming. It’s giving me a massive headache today, so we are right on track!

  2. says

    275 sold!!! All that money!!! Looks like you’re on your way to the New York Times bestsellers list. What will you do with all that money? Buy property in Bora Bora? Buy some companies?

    If so, please don’t forget about us peasants/nobodies.

    We still have names, you know. :)

    • says

      Ha, peasant! I’d say ‘look who’s talking’ because you just signed a big movie deal, right? HA! Even if it weren’t April Fool’s Day, I’d still narrow my eyes in disbelief at you.

      I did see your tweet however and am really intrigued/nervous to see what you thought about MMSFG. Are you going to post a nasty review? One could only hope!

      • says

        Your book so far has a staggering 4.9 out of 5 with no reviews below 4 stars. That’s amazing! My inner troll is telling me to post a 1-star review just to balance it out.

        But don’t you worry, when I post my review for it on my blog, it will be the most extensive, comprehensive review you will come across. Probably around 4000 words in length maybe. It will be like a government-funded report into the shortcomings of zoos that endanger the public by breeding rare giraffes that can no longer sustain vitamins for the benefit of other animals who are held in captivity just so they can live longer and live a happy and prosperous life.

        • says

          Tuan, as long as you include rare giraffes and zoo’s, then I’ll know that the review is from the heart. You don’t even have to review it and I’ll know how much you love it.

          I’ll feel it.

  3. Lee Mundy-Steel says

    Congratulations Katie, I have mine on my kindle and can’t wait to start reading it.
    I also can’t wait to read your strategy post.

    I’d love to do an interview with you on my blog sometime.

  4. says

    FANTASTIC!! I am so chuffed for you! Well deserved too.

    I said this on Beth’s blog, then realised I should come here too – I started Mabel on the plane yesterday, and STAYED IN MY SEAT LIKE A BIG GIRL EVEN THROUGH TURBULENCE. All thanks to you. Now you just need to write book for every time I fly. Thanks. xx

  5. says

    Well, I’m coming into the party late and I have to commend you for all the work you did on this. Hard work paying off. I’d say that was a good launch. You have something to build on. You go girl. God bless.

  6. says

    We could be Kcrosswriting Letum Wood Readers or we could be Kcross writing Merry Meet Part”ners” or we could be (and this is my personal favorite) Kcrosswriting Circluses!

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